• Gudrun Walther

    lead vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion

  • Kim Edgar

    lead vocals, piano

  • Hendrik Morgenbrodt

    uilleann pipes, flutes

  • Jürgen Treyz

    guitars, dobro, backing vocals

  • Aimée Farrell Courtney


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Jürgen Treyz (D)

studied guitar at the MGI in Munich. During that time he also became engaged with traditional and medieval music. In 1993 he founded the artes recording studio which specializes in acoustic and traditional music. Being involved in radio plays, theatre plays and TV productions as a guitarist, composer and arranger, he has published over 70 albums with his own music. He was repeatedly rewarded with the renowned German Critics Award. As a producer and studio sound engineer he has earned himself the greatest respect in the German trad music scene. In 2006 he founded "Deitsch" together with Gudrun, a project in which they arranged, recorded and performed German traditional music in a contemporary style. Their two albums "Königskinder" and "Heimat" were received with great critical acclaim, "Heimat" won the German Critics Award. They continued their work as a duo and released a double-album of German and Celtic music under their own names in 2017. Alongside Gudrun he is also a full-time member of internationally successful quartet "Litha" with Scottish musicians Claire Mann and Aaron Jones, touring all over Europe and the United States of America since 2008. In 2016 Walther & Treyz began to work with the project "Fiddles & Feet“ alongside famous Sligo fiddler, Oisín MacDiarmada and dancer and pianist Samantha Harvey (USA). In 2018 Juergen released a guitar book and tutorial CD, teaching fingerstyle arrangements for long-lost German traditional instrumental pieces, published by the renowned guitar label "Acoustic Music“.

"Cara’s adroitness in arrangements (Treyz in particular) is much in evidence here." (Boston Irish Reporter)

"Treyz hits the high mark though, with his complicated compositional arrangement on Odd Rhythms." (Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine)