Founded 18 years ago, Cara is one of the busiest and most successful touring bands in the Irish folk scene in Germany.


The German-Scottish formation is made up of four of the most accomplished musicians in their genre. CARA stakes out its own unique territory, with a repertoire featuring original compositions and songs alongside finely detailed arrangements of traditional Scots and Irish ballads and tune sets. The band has established an excellent international reputation, with two Irish Music Awards, European tours taking in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Great Britain and Denmark, and many tours further afield to the USA and Australia.


Much has happened since the band released their live album in 2018: Cara played the winners' concert at the International Freiburg Cultural Exchange in 2019 (after winning “best performance” the year before” and were also invited to perform at the Swiss Artists' Showcase in Thun. In spring 2019 their charity single "Mòran Taing” raised funds for Cancer Research UK. Their most recent concert highlights include appearances at the Sligo Live Festival (Ireland), Priddy Folk Festival (England) and at Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival - one of the largest classical music festivals in Europe. In 2020 Cara was awarded the “Kaarster Stern”, the city of Kaarst's culture award.


Forced by events of the past eighteen months to pause an otherwise extremely active touring life, CARA have responded to the global pandemic with a thoughtful, philosophical and life-affirming emotional testimony to some big questions in their new album, “Grounded”.

Gudrun Walther

Gudrun grew up in a musical family with German, Irish and French folk music, and began playing folk music on the violin at the age of 6. At the age of 17 she decided to embark on a career as a professional folk musician in Germany; two years later she won the German Folk Promotion Prize. In the meantime she tours as a front woman with her bands CARA and Deitsch, as well as in a duo with Jürgen Treyz through Europe, the USA and Australia and has already released 19 albums of her own music. In addition, she can look back on successful engagements as a studio and guest musician in numerous CD recordings and concerts with bands and orchestras (Le Concert Spirituel (F), El Houssaine Kili Band, State Philharmonic of Rhineland-Palatinate and many more). In the last few years Gudrun has noticeably gained a reputation as a songwriter and composer - some of her songs and tunes have already been covered and recorded by folk bands in the USA and Europe. In 2016 she stood in for the well-known Sligo fiddler Oisín MacDiarmada in his band Téada - which is equivalent to an accolade from Ireland. In December 2020, classical star violinist Daniel Hope invited Gudrun Walther and Jürgen Treyz to an Irish Fiddle Special in his "Hope @ Home" series in Berlin, and the "Living Room Concert" was broadcast live across Europe on ARTE concert.

"Gudrun Walther could certainly hold her own in any Irish musical setting."
(Dirty Linen Magazine)

"Her energy and stage presence was a joy to watch and she led the band through a set of tunes and songs that were just fantastic. It was a truly magic set. The festival stars of this year" (Ceol Cholasa, Colonsay Folk Festival)

Kim Edgar

Kim is from Edinburgh, Scotland and her career as a solo artist has earned her the title "Scotland’s very own Tori Amos" (Sunday Herald). Her songs reflect her enthusiasm for horror, myths and fairy tales, feminism and social history - all topics that she dealt with during her studies of English Language and Literature. She lays the foundation of her songs on the piano, on which she enjoyed classical training.

Kim’s debut album "Butterflies and Broken Glass" was awarded five out of five stars by "Scotland on Sunday". Her second album "The Ornate Lie" reached 11th place in the Sunday Herald's Top Scottish Albums of 2012 and was nominated for Best Album 2012 by "Spiral Earth". She has been named "Songwriter Of The Week" on BBC Radio Scotland.

Kim was also a member of the "Burns Unit", with whom she performed at Cambridge Folk Festival, and on Later With Jools Holland. Kim has also performed for HRH the Queen at the opening of the Scottish Parliament’s fourth session. Her current album, "Held" was recorded and released during the pandemic in 2020 and has received excellent reviews.

"Kim Edgar is probably one of the best songwriters in Britain today!"
(Spiral Earth)

Hendrik Morgenbrodt

Hendrik started playing the bagpipes at the age of 11 and then discovered the sound of the uilleann pipes for himself at the age of 16, and has not looked back since. His teachers included John McSherry and Brian McNamara; the rest, he did himself. The uilleann pipes are Hendrik’s life’s work. He is a trained woodwind instrument maker and after completing his apprenticeship in Andreas Rogge's renowned company, he went into business for himself with his own workshop. He developed his pipes and the associated reeds that he plays at CARA especially for the band!
A highlight in the limelight is the "Crossroad" Irish American Festival in San Francisco, where his idol Liz Carroll brought him onto the stage in 2011! Since joining CARA in early 2014, he has made a name for himself internationally as a piper and pipemaker and has now refined several larger pop and classic productions with his special sound.

"The album (Live) is full of Cara’s standout performances, for me the high point is Morgenbrodt’s slow air (...), which draws every last ounce of emotion from the pipes“
(Séan Laffey, Irish Music Magazine)

Jürgen Treyz

Jürgen studied guitar at MGI Munich, but was also intensively involved with traditional and medieval music. In 1993 he founded the Artes Recording Studio in Esslingen, which specializes in folk and acoustic music. As a guitarist, composer and arranger of music for radio plays, TV and theatre, he has so far published more than 90 CDs of his own music and has received several prizes and awards for the audibly folk-influenced productions.
In 2006 Jürgen started the German folk music project "Deitsch" together with Gudrun. Their first CD "Königskinder" was highly praised by the critics and celebrated as an important part of the preservation of German folk music culture. The second album "Heimat" was awarded the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik". Jürgen Treyz and Gudrun Walther released the double album “DUO” in 2017, which received top international reviews, and in 2019 the new Deitsch album “Mittsommer-Sessions”, which was named “The Special” by the specialist magazine Folker.
Since 2008 Walther & Treyz have also played in the quartet "LITHA" with the Scottish musicians Claire Mann and Aaron Jones, and since 2016 in the project "Fiddles & Feet" with Oisín MacDiarmada (IRL) and Samantha Harvey (USA). In 2018 Jürgen published a guitar textbook with CD in the publishing house of Acoustic Music, for which he prepared German dance pieces from old manuscripts for fingerstyle guitar.

"Cara's adroitness in arrangements (Treyz in particular) is much in evidence here”
(Boston Irish Reporter)

"Treyz hits the high mark though, with his complicated compositional arrangement on Odd Rhythms”
(Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine)

"Cara have proven once again that they are the gold standard of Continental Celtic Music, original and respectful in equal measure, at home with tunes and songs both old and new and are now surely part of our living tradition."
Irish Music Magazine (IRE)
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"()there’s a real sense of togetherness and non-competitive authority about the playing, key features being Kim’s masterful and forthright yet elegant piano work, Gudrun’s blazing, beacon-like fiddling with its exemplary command of phrasing, and the relaxed chameleon-like instrumental talents of Hendrik and Jürgen – elements all faultlessly executed and brilliantly coordinated with a strong feel for complementary textures. At the same time, both Kim and Gudrun once again prove themselves to be outstanding song interpreters. You can’t lose with this band."
The Living Tradition (UK)
"(They) combine to make an album of sheer quality, each note soars, each response to another’s insight is cast with opportunity, philosophical ingenuity and spirit; a vast and incredible feat in a world that always is on the edge of jealousy and rivalry.
In their eighth studio album, Cara have reached a pinnacle of performance, whether that is down to the circumstances that have been around us for the last 18 months, or because they gel so well that they, as a unique form, can triumph with solemnity is not for others to chat over, instead it is just to be accepted that they hold decorum in their hand and deliver an album of worth, of sublime interpretation.
Liverpool Sound and Vision (UK)
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"A whole festival wrapped up in one band"
Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland (UK) 
"Cara affirms its well-deserved reputation as an outstanding concert band, and the collective energy is prodigious." 
Boston Irish Reporter (USA)
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"Cara klingen wie Cara - es kann keine bessere Empfehlung geben!"
Folker (D)
"Nach 15 Jahren haben Cara nicht nur eine technische Reife erreicht, die ihres gleichen sucht, sondern auch einen selbstbewussten eigenen Stil entwickelt, der Einflüsse von beiden Seiten des Atlantik organisch verbindet."
Celtic-Rock.de (D)
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"Irish/German/Scots aggregation Cara work best in the live arena, their amphidexterous [sic] abilities and musical know how working to their advantage. The epic ballad Little Musgrave hangs on emotional dexterity while the tune sets blend pastorality and uplift in proportion. Great."
fRoots (UK)
"A world class band in top form."
Irish Music Magazine  (IRL)
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"They boldly go where others fear to tread" 
The Irish Times (IRL)
"a musical force to be reckoned with...they can really fly"
The Scotsman (UK)
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"Great musicianship, great production and total respect for the material. Wonderful, what a great band."  
Mike Harding (UK)
 "They’ve been achieving wonders on the Celtic circuit. Look out for them!"
 BBC Radio Scotland (UK)
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"Décoiffant en tous points"
Trad Magazine (F)
 "Cara have joined the ranks of Solas, Dervish and Altan, big tunes, big ideas and superb playing, what more would you want?"
Irish Music Magazine  (IRL)
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