Here are some comments about Cara and snippets from reviews:


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"Cara, have yet again made an exceptional album full of quality execution, of progressive instrumental vision and a wide sweep of a musical panorama. This album hits the horizon on the first track and then sails beyond into a limitless world of musicality. Captivating.
Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

"They sound like a whole festival wrapped up in one band!"
Bruce MacGregor -BBC Radio Scotland about the new album on "Travelling Folk"

"The complicated multi layered arrangement must have been challenging to tie down. They haven't taken the easy approach and are pushing themselves at every turn. It’s paid off because Horizon is an adventurous whirlwind of an album that delivers some great music. It should further cement their position in Europe and will hopefully bring their music further afield. Horizon may finally bring them the recognition they deserve as one of the best groups on any continent."
Tony Lawless, Tradconnect

"Décoiffant en tous points"
Philippe Cousin, Trad Mag, Frankreich

"Cara have joined the ranks of Solas, Dervish and Altan, big tunes, big ideas and superb playing, what more would you want?"
-Sean Laffey -Irish Music Magazine-

"There is a fantastic upbeat tempo and contemporary arrangement of instruments"
Derek Copley -Irish Music Magazine-

"When a German band appears alongside top Irish acts at the 2007 Boston Irish Connections Festival (ICONS) and wins the rapturous attention of the audience, when five  musicians playing Celtic tunes can enthral American crowds night after night on their first US tour, so much so, that the touring agent decides immediately to do a follow up tour, then this band deserves a mention."
-Sean Laffey -Irish Music Magazine-