• Gudrun Walther

    lead vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion

  • Kim Edgar

    lead vocals, piano

  • Hendrik Morgenbrodt

    uilleann pipes, flutes

  • Jürgen Treyz

    guitars, dobro, backing vocals

  • Aimée Farrell Courtney


About Cara

  • May 2003: Cara was formed to continue what "KWT" - Cara's predecessor - had started. In the original line-up: Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz, Sandra Gunkel, Claus Steinort.
    • Summer 2003: First gigs in Germany and France

    • Autumn 2003: Rolf Wagels joined the band.

    • 2004: Release of their first album "In Colour"

    • 2005: Concerts in various European countries, Ireland, etc. Tour of France in Summer

      • 2006: Tola Custy (fiddle) joines for several gigs in Europe and Britain.

      • Spring 2007: Release of the album"In Between Times"

      • Summer 2007: First US-tour

      • Spring 2008: Release of the live CD & DVD "In Full Swing – live"

      • March and September 2008: 2nd und 3rd US-Tour. Amanda Kehoe joins in for the 3rd tour.

        • August 2009: 4th US-tour; with Patricia Clark.

        • January 2010: Irish Music Award "Best New Irish Artist"

        • March 2010: 5th US-tour

        • May 2010: New line up with Jeana Leslie and Ryan Murphy

        • Summer 2010: 6. USA Tournee

        • October 2010: Release of the album "Long Distance Love"

        • January 2011: Irish Music Award "Top Group"

        • October 2013: Kim Edgar replaces Jeana Leslie

        • October 2013: Release of the album "Horizon"

        • March 2014: Hendrik Morgenbrodt replaces Ryan Murphy

        • December 2015: Pre-release of the CD "Yet We Sing" on our band homepage.

        • January 2016: CD Release with CD tours in Europe and release concert at "Celtic Connections" in Glasgow.

        • January 2018: Freiburger Leiter 2018 award winners

        • January 2018: Release of the live album “Cara Live” in celebration of Cara’s 15th anniversary, with 15th anniversary touring throughout Europe and in Australia throughout the year

        • October 2018: Aimee Farrell Courtney replaces Rolf Wagels

        • all the time: More than 60 concerts a year in Germany, USA, Ireland and other European countries.

        former guest musicians

        Amanda Kehoe, Patricia Clark, Tola Custy

            amanda trish tola