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Mòran Taing Single Release: Thursday 28th March 2019


“As some of you will already be aware, my dad, Derek Edgar, sadly died of cancer in March 2017. He was an extra-ordinary man: creative, gentle, positive, loving, and determined. He remained just as extra-ordinary in facing cancer of an unknown primary source, for which no successful treatment could be found. In the last week of his life, I wrote him a thank you card, because I wanted him to know how grateful my brother, myself and my mum were to have him in our lives. He challenged me to take the words of that card, and turn them into a happy song - he knew/knows I find writing happy songs difficult! And he has always tried to encourage me to keep developing my skills. And that’s the song, Mòran Taing, which we’ve recently been performing live on tour - a song of gratitude for my dad’s life, and his legacy. The title is in Scots Gaelic, and the chorus means “many thanks, goodbye for now, fare you well for now, many thanks”.

For his second anniversary, on 28th March 2019, we will release Mòran Taing as a single, and make our “official music video” which celebrates his life, and his passions, public for sharing. I thank my CARA bandmates for their support in creating a song and a video which bring comfort and strength to me and my family."

The single itself will be available for download direct from here, www.cara-music.com, on 28th March, and from all the usual digital music stores as well. All proceeds from the single will be donated by CARA to Cancer Research, to help in the battle against this illness which affects so many lives. Thanks in anticipation for buying the single, and supporting the charity!